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Children’s Rhymes and Poems in German

German language can be enjoyable and beautiful, just listen to some children’s songs about a bunny rabbit, a horse or a kitten. Poems and songs in German are the best way to introduce this wonderful language to the little learners. German songs and poems are easy to memorize, so your child will be happy to learn them and demonstrate great progress very fast!

We use a lot of active games in our German class, that makes learning the language and culture fun. If you child finds the song about the weather and a hat catchy, you will end up singing it all over and over again yourself! 

All of these and many more rhymes and poems for children in German are used in our German classes for children from 1 year old.


Ich kann es, ich kann es, ist leichter als ein Kinderspiel
Ich kann es, ich kann es, ich kann es ja, weil ich es will!
Ich kann es nicht, ich kann es nicht,
Oh, schade, schade, ich kann es nicht.


I can do it, I can do it, it’s as easy and a game 
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, because I want to
I can’t do it, I can’t do it,
Oh, what a pity, what a pity, I can’t do it.


Tschuef, tschuef, tschuef die Eisenbahn, wer will mit nach Deutschland fahren?
Alleine fahren mag ich nicht, da nehme ich ….(Name) mit


Choo, choo, choo on the railtracks, who wants to go to Germany? 
I don’t want to go alone, I will take (name) with me.


Josefine heißt die Ampel, die an unsrer Straße steht.
Täglich tut sie ihre Arbeit, morgens früh und abends spät.
Schaut, schaut, schaut auf die Ampel und vergesst es nicht!
Schaut, schaut, schaut auf die Ampel. Rotes, gelbes, grünes Licht.

Josefine liebt die Kinder, ob sie groß sind oder klein.
Um besonders sie zu schützen, fiel ihr kürzlich etwas ein. Schaut, schaut…
Kinder hüpfen, springen, zappeln,
manchmal gehen sie wie im Traum sehen Autos, Räder, Menschen,
doch die Ampel sehen sie kaum. Schaut, schaut…


The traffic lights in our street are called Josephine.
Every day it does its job, early in the morning and late in the evening.
Look, look, look at the lights.
Red, yellow, green light.

Josephine likes children, big or small.
And to protect them, she thought of something. Look, look…
Children are hopping, jumping and twisting,
Sometimes they walk like in their sleep. Cars, wheels, people,
But they do not see the traffic lights. Look, look…


Und die Banane ist gelb (rot\blau\gruen)


(Tomato, grapes, strawberries, cucumber)
And the banana is yellow (red, blue, green)


Schoen, dass ihr da seid Hallo, hallo,
Schoen, dass ihr da seid
Die Hacken und die Spitzen wollen nicht mehr sitzen,
Die Hacken und die Zehen wollen weiter gehen.


Good, that you have come – Hello, hello,
Good, that you have come.
Toes and heels don’t want to stay together,
Toes and heels want to go on.


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Poems in German with translation into English help you understand the meaning of each line of the poem. An English translation of German rhymes for children does not mean that German children’s poems are translated word by word. A literary English translation and pictures help you get the general idea and message of the children’s rhyme rather than the exact meaning of each German word.

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