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Arabic Rhymes for Children

The first meeting with the Arabic language can be and should be an exciting and memorable for your child. The best way to do it to get acquainted with music and poetry. Our school has chosen the best unusual children’s songs in Arabic, which combine useful vocabulary and catchy tunes. With their help, your child can find out some interesting facts «why is milk so good? » «How many kinds of fruits are there?», as well as learn how many days there are in the week.

Your child will learn this and much more in our Arabic children’s club.

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Poems in Arabic with translation into English help you understand the meaning of each line of the poem. An English

translation of Arabic rhymes for children does not mean that Arabic children’s poems are translated word by word. A

literary English translation and pictures help you get the general idea and message of the children’s rhyme rather

than the exact meaning of each word. We recommend to develop a set of finger plays or actions to illustrate each

line of a song for children in Arabic as children are known to learn much faster if their body is involved in the


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