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MAGIC CASTLE is about much more than education. MAGIC CASTLE is about making children confident and happy by giving them choices.

Natalie Kaminsky


MAGIC CASTLE was founded by education professionals who set out to create a school to provide the best opportunities for every child to explore and develop their talents and abilities.  When a child enters MAGIC CASTLE at the age of 2 years old we can already see a bright personality, gifted intellectually, creatively and physically in different ways. We feel we can lay a solid foundation for each child to have a well-balanced and fulfilling life of education, development and social success. We believe that education is not only about learning, knowing, being able to organize, analyse and present information. We are confident that in the modern world personal success is based on attitudes, values, soft skills, health habits, creativity, flexibility and readiness for a change. MAGIC CASTLE is a place to open this world to every child.


We are looking for teachers holding a diploma of Early Childhood studies with experience with a primary school in the UK delivering the English National Curriculum. A teacher is in charge of a group of up to 15 children in Pre-K or K1. Our teacher is a person to reflect our values of responsibility, creativity, flexibility and energy, a confident team-player and a self-driven professional. Find out more about working with MAGIC CASTLE Nursery & Primary School here

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