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MAGIC HOME After-School Stay


For more information please contact us on
+7 926 530 8949 or

MAGIC HOME After-School Stay programme packages include

  • Pick up from school
  • Lunch
  • Homework supervision
  • English classes
  • Woodwork workshop
  • Science classes
  • Non-Standard Mathematics Classes
  • Choreography and Dance
  • Piano
  • Singing
  • Karate
  • Art School
  • Spanish, German or French classes

 You can be sure that you child will be happy and busy until you collect them at 6pm or 8pm.

The prices for MAGIC HOME After-School Stay start from 38,500Rur per month.

If your child is busy all week but you still want them to try out their talents – the best option for you is


Busy Saturday is a range of group and individual classes arranged to keep your child busy. Talent Academy Busy Saturday may include

  • English for children
  • Cooking School
  • Hip-Hop Dancer Studio
  • Singing
  • Piano
  • Learn more on
    +7 926 530 8949 or
  • Solfeggio
  • Lunch
  • The price for BUSY SATURDAY including individual singing and piano classes is 25,000Rur a month.