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International School, Moscow centre and Moscow west.

When choosing an international school in Moscow you have to consider your logistics carefully. In a big city like Moscow it may take your child up to over 1 hour to get to a school that is located on the outskirts. Most MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery&Primary Schools are conveniently located in the centre of Moscow, others are close to vast park areas in the west of Moscow. If you work in the centre of Moscow it will be easy for you to drop your child off in the morning as we open at 8am. If the logistics are still hard we can organise pick up service for your child.

Silver Wood School
+7 499 963 4770
+7 925 517 2869
Dostoevskaya school
+7 499 963 4770
+7 926 530 8949
+7 499 963 4770
+ 7 925 545 8081