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Some of our girls went to a film studio for an audition! The casting director was looking for a bilingual child, and our girls were so natural and playful. Everyone in the studio was fascinated by them. Girls were inspired to show all their talents in front of the camera but at the same time

Best cooking recipes for children

I have yet to see a child at the age of 2-6 who doesn’t like to cook. To overcome inborn caution and resistance to food novelties that most children share try to engage them into these exciting food activities from the age of under 1 year old: Let your child cut, dice, slice and tear

Perfect lullaby!

My child Alice is 2,5. She is very kind and considerate girl. Once we visited our friends, who have two children: a boy of 2 years and a baby 6 months old. Alice took care of the baby, she stroke him, gave him her toys to play. And when he suddenly started crying she came

Our son knows 3 languages!

There was a morning event for children at school 1276 devoted to New Year. Several children told poems in English, my sun was sick and he didn’t tell anything. At the evening I spoke to my husband and I told him that I was upset, as our son didnt know any English poem, but Kemal

Not everyone speaks the same language

What Joseph uses the most is the way to behave between French, Russian and English. Thanks to Magic Castle, he now realizes that eveybody don’t speak the same language. And he likes playing with that! In December, he had an important question regarding the fact that we all have a different language: in what language

Grandfather’s interpreter

В ноябре прошлого года отдыхали семьей в Эмиратах. Филипп категорически отказывается посещать детские комнаты, особенно за границей, из-за того, что там дети в основном говорят на иностранных языках. Так было и в этот раз. Все время он проводил с нами, привлекая в свои игры. И вот однажды, они играли с дедушкой в огромные шахматы на

International success!

On winter vacation we were in Oslo and my child couldn’t wait to go skating, although generally she is not the biggest fan of the sport. However, as she had been doing skating for some time she was quite confident and tried to practise all kinds of special moves. But what really sparked her attention

5 ways to see if your child is a good actor

Parents are often unaware of a great talent their children might have for acting. Some children can combine skillful manipulation and emotional display to perfection.However, to be a truly good actor they need to be empathetic and able to show emotions. Your child can mimic other people’s face expressions and body language. They feel comfortable

10 Things to do with children on winter vacation

In the long winter vacation we are often stuck at home in front of the television for days on end…. These are 10 easy and fun things to do with children on your winter vacation indoors and outdoors. Remember, things that you do together today, your child will do independently tomorrow! OUTDOORS 1. Make a