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Talent Academy for children – Anastasia, 6yo

Anastasia was one of the first to join MAGIC CASTLE when it was founded and now at the age of 6 she is proud of her achievements, though the path was not easy. With MAGIC CASTLE she learned to paint and cook, make fancy hairstyles and write Chinese characters. This year she got much stronger and could do all her stretching. She plays football with the British Football School and participates in the Moscow Youth Soccer League every year. She is improving her swimming and horse-riding and is learning to sing and play the piano and the recorder. Given a chance Anastasia can show you some Karate which she has just started. Anastasia is bilingual in English and Russian and is learning Spanish, French and Chinese. She enjoys reading and writing in English and Russian.

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портфолио Анастасии
art 1 рисование для детей
ballet 1 праздники для детей
праздники для детей
cultures 2 портфолио Анастасии
праздники для детей
event 3 портфолио Анастасии
event 1 верховая езда для детей
MC Spring-128 хореография для детей
вокал для детей
P1080505_ фигурное катание для детей
soccer 3_ футбол для детей
soccer 2 плавание для детей
IMG_2710 деревянная мастерская для детей
Druzhba праздники для детей
IMG_6541a портфолио Анастасии
IMG_2710 праздники для детей
IMG_0488a IMG_0488a


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