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5 best signs that you love your child. Teamwork.

Glückliche Familie

We know that the things your kid does today together with you he/she will do tomorrow by himself/herself. That’s why think what you want your child be engaged in and do it together!

Of course at many tasks kids are better and can do more. Simply stay with them, always support them when they are doing things they like or might like, do not let them give in  and fall victim to fears, lack of confidence and laziness and you will manage everything!
To love a child means to become better. True and profound relationships which make you close people for the rest of your life start when your kid calls for help through his/her behaviour. And a new Lego set, a tablet PC or a cartoon cannot help. Only your love, sometimes without any material evidence at all, will rescue you.

Summer Talent Academy 2015 Cartoon World  is planned for 20-24 July, 2015

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